The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Discussing the Two-State Solution

Wiss. Mit. Lena Groth, LL.M. (Emory)

Long-lasting and yet to be solved, at least since World War II the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has already produced an enormous history of violence powered by religion, ideology, hate and practical issues alike. Although some authors thought about dropping the whole peace negotiation process after a long series of failures, only such process can lead to a solution which both sides accept and to sustainable peace. Palestine’s application for full membership in the UN on September 23, 2011 increased international attention on establishing a sovereign Palestinian state next to Israel. What could be the details of a two-state solution? In awareness of the multiplicity of problems this legal analysis concentrates on border lines, Israeli settlements, and Jerusalem (II), introduced by a short overview of the history and background (I). It aims to point out to certain legal implications of a possible two-state solution without in any way claiming to be exhaustive.